Tired of software that has scratches, screws and light reflexes on the GUI? Of workflows rooted in the limitations of analog electronics?


We invent the tools of the digital age. For creative professionals who want to cut straight to the point and deliver their creative vision.

About Playfair Audio

Playfair Audio was founded in 2022 to bring intuitive and next-gen sound design tools to musicians and creative professionals.

We’re intentionally small, lean and independent. In fact, “we” is a massive overstatement, as we’re basically run by one single person. We’re a 100% sole proprietor business, financially depending on our customers and our customers only. That way we can go against the tide and focus on making innovative and risky products, some of which may hopefully change a small part of the audio world.

The Founder

Christian Luther is an electrical engineer and software developer based in Hannover, Germany. Fascinated by music production, software and just “making things” from a young age, he earned his professional spurs as an audio DSP developer for renowned brands such as Kemper Amps and Sennheiser.

In 2022, with more than 10 years worth of experience, product ideas and lessons learned in his backpack, he decided to go independent by bringing his Playfair Audio brand to life.

Augmented Intelligence for Digital Audio Workstations

As a contrast to the hype around artificial “intelligence”, we approach the creative process the other way around. We focus on tools that enhance the real intelligence (without quotes) of our users.

There is no need to hand over your fate to an opaque “AI” that you can’t control and can’t have a conversation with.

With Augmented Intelligence, you remain in charge, assisted by modern technology that helps leverage your own creative vision.