Dynamic Grading 1.2 is here!

The update comes with improved editing functions, smart latency, additional displays and more.

Dynamic Grading 1.2 is a free upgrade for all current users.

And for everyone else, Dynamic Grading is also on sale for all of November! Get it now for just 99$ instead of 149$!

What’s new in Dynamic Grading 1.2?

Let’s take a closer look at some highlights coming to you with Dynamic Grading 1.2.

Improved Editing Functions

Several features have been added that can help you adjust the source and target handles even faster and easier. For example, by double clicking handles and body ranges, you can reset these to a state where the affected ranges are neutral (neither compressing nor expanding). When you hold the Alt key while dragging one of the punch, body or floor ranges you can squeeze or stretch these ranges directly, while keeping their center where it was. You can now also drag the body ranges independently by holding the shift key.

Smart Latency

In the new version, the plugin reduces latency automatically according to you response time setting. That means that in most cases, latency can be drastically lower. Since many hosts don’t deal very well with dynamically changing latency, Smart Latency waits for a good time to tell your host the bitter truth, so it doesn’t start to choke or panic.

Amount Parameter

You can now seamlessly reduce the amount of dynamic processing by adjusting the new amount parameter. The effect is similar to that of a dry/wet mix parameter, but with a much smoother feel. While with a typical dry/wet mix, most of the audible effect is concentrated over about 25% of the available parameter range, the amount parameter has been designed to feel natural over the whole range.

Additional Helper Displays

New optional overlays with Peak & RMS level metering help you better understand how the dynamic histograms relate to these more traditional level measurement devices. The curve display shows the “grading curve” that results from Dynamic Grading’s editing handles, giving you an additional view on how dynamics are affected.

Tools Menu & Resizable UI

The new tools menu is home to a number of new features, including functions for resetting different settings to defaultsCopy & Paste and UI Resizing.

Also, Dynamic Grading now automatically checks for updates and notifies you when a new version is available, offering you to download the update directly from the plugin via the tools menu.

Available now!

Download the latest version on the product page, or directly here:

If your trial version already expired, but you want to give the new version another spin, please contact us with your iLok username to request a trial period extension.