Dynamic Grading

Create powerful mixes with depth and punch. Here’s an entirely new paradigm for dynamic processing.

Instantly “see” your audio’s dynamics. Split the dynamic range into punch, body and floor regions. Compress, expand or level each region independently.

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Land A Punch

Hit your listeners with precise impact. Create depth by placing tracks up front, or at a distance.

Keep the Body in Shape

Usher tracks to their right place in the mix. Make instruments solid as a rock, or shake the dust off and make it groove.

Swipe the Floor

Dial in just the right amount of detail and reverb. Clean up unwanted noise and make your mix shine.

To Boldly Go...

Dynamic Grading transforms the way you think about audio dynamics. Advanced and previously unthinkable dynamic processing becomes a breeze. You’ll never want to go back to using compressors.


Introducing: The Dynamic Histogram

Get clarity about audio tracks with this birds-eye view on the dynamic range. Dynamic histograms combine real-time and long-term dynamics measurement to guide your mixing decisions.

Intuitive Graphical Control

Split the dynamic range into punch, body and floor regions with ease. Squeeze it, stretch it, move it. With just one instance per track, the power of advanced dynamic processing is at your fingertips.

Spectrum Control

Dynamic Grading not only measures dynamics, it listens. The spectrum control balances how high and low frequency content interact with each other when analyzing and shaping dynamics.

Musical Timing

Traditional dynamic processors are always “too late”. Dynamic Grading features a precisely time-aligned response and intelligent release ballistics that feel right in all scenarios.


The best way to discover the power of Dynamic Grading is to see it in action.

Headphones recommended!


Download Dynamic Grading for your operating system below. The fully functioning trial version is free for 14 days. After trial expiration, a license must be purchased.

An iLok account is required to activate the trial and/or full version.


System Requirements

macOS 10.10 or later
Intel & Apple Silicon Native (incl. AAX)
AU, VST3 or AAX compatible host (64 Bit)


System Requirements

Windows 7 or later
VST3 or AAX compatible host (64 Bit)

User Manual

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